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Ability Music and Movement:

Combining techniques from music and dance therapy, we adapt singing, using instruments, and dance to fit the needs of our students. We focus on expression and social skills through our programs.

Ability Acting Improvisation (JR):

Offered for youth and teen/young adults, this fun filled program uses improvisation games and skits to teach social understanding. We use games that focus on vocal tone, body language, and other important aspects that help teach social understanding, acceptance, advocating, flexible thinking, and expression. Skits that serve as social stories create a fun outlet to learn appropriate reactions in social situations, understanding humor and sarcasm, and appropriate forms of communication.

Ability Social Night:

Come spend a fun filled evening with our energetic SFTC staff and your friends! Karaoke, board games, bowling, video games, and whatever you want!

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Dress Code

All Ability
  • ¬†Comfortable/moveable clothing

Fall 2017 Registration Form:

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We are seeking individuals and families from Fairfax, Chantilly, and other nearby areas of Northern Virginia to experience all we have to offer. We are excited for youth, teens, and adults to benefit and grow from our programs.