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Main Stage Musical

Main Stage Musical:

All ages and ability levels are welcome to audition each session for our Main Stage Musical production! Actors work together with a vocal coach, choreographer, and director to prepare for a musical production while learning the theater basics or challenging their already existing performance skills.

Fall 2017 Main Stage Musical

Glee Club (JR):

Yes, just like the show! Glee club allows opportunity for students to focus on vocal instruction while singing covers of age-appropriate popular songs. Fun choreography and performances take glee club to the next level. All ability levels are welcome and encouraged! Glee club offers students opportunities to work together as a group and to be featured as a lead or soloist.

Acting Improvisation (JR):

Offered for youth and teens, acting improvisation will help young actors develop skills that will transfer to onstage acting. Using fun games and scenarios, actors will be challenged to think and act out of the box!

Stage Combat:

Learn the specialized theater technique of stage combat! Actors learn how to create the illusion of physical combat on stage without actually causing harm. We begin with safety and footwork then move on to the gross mot and full body combat moves including punches, slaps, falling, and so much more!

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Dress Code

Main Stage
  •  Movable clothing
  •  Hair pulled back
  •  Black character shoes or black jazz shoes
  •  Character skirt (optional)
Club Jr:
    •  Movable clothing
    •  Hair pulled back
    •  Dance shoes preferred


Acting Improv/
Stage Combat:
    •  Movable clothing
    •  Hair pulled back


Fall 2017 Registration Form:

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We are seeking individuals and families from Fairfax, Chantilly, and other nearby areas of Northern Virginia to experience all we have to offer. We are excited for youth, teens, and adults to benefit and grow from our programs.